What I Played This Month (January & February 2020)

So… I didn’t play as many games as I hoped, so here’s a combined post of January and February.

A Way Out (PS4)

This is a co-op only game, so you can’t play it without a buddy in the same room as you with their own controller. (I believe it can be played online as well, but I haven’t attempted this.)

A Way Out (logo)
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A Way Out is an action/puzzle/role-play game where you and your buddy have to escape from prison for their own reasons. Initially the two characters are reluctant to help each other, but eventually your paths line up to share a common goal.

Once you escape prison, the adventure isn’t over – as you and your couch buddy need to escape the police and find freedom in the outside world.

The puzzles are moderately challenging (for my skill level anyway). And some of the things you have to do with your couch buddy are quite entertaining. I played this game with my partner, and I thought it was quite amusing to bumble around in a barn, trying to set free some horses.

I highly recommend this game for anyone who wants to couch co-op with a friend or partner.

The Sims 4 (PC, Orign)

Aaalright! So I am one big hypocrite; as a couple of weeks ago I proudly stated how removing The Sims 2 (sold the base game and all expansions) from my life was a great decision.

Hahaha. 😅 Nope. I missed it.

So I made a frustrating attempt to get The Sims 1 to work on my PC, because I just wanted a simple sandbox game to play with. I tried many of the solutions, aside from getting a hacked copy. (I mean, it installed and loaded fine, but crashed upon loading the neighbourhood. Ugh.)

the sims 4 multitasking

Alright, so what do I think of The Sims 4?

Actually, I think it’s great! I feel like I’m getting a similar experience to The Sims 1, just with higher quality graphics.

I believe I had an easier time creating new Sims and houses than I did in The Sims 3 (which, I didn’t like so much – and I can’t remember why). Also, I really appreciate that you can choose a variety of gender options. (Essentially, there are options to make transgender or non-binary Sims!)

sim selfie

The social interactions are so cute – and I like that options can change depending on your sim’s mood or whims. Another thing I love is the ability to multitask. Your sim could be watching TV and texting a friend at the same time.

I don’t have any expansions, and currently don’t intend to get any at the moment. I feel as though the base game and custom content from the web is plenty to keep me interested for a while.

Anyway, that was it. I was hoping I could have played more board games… but it wasn’t to be! Perhaps I’ll get a chance in March. And if not? Well there’s Conquest games convention in April.

Side note: Today (March 1st) is my birthday! Happy birthday me!

Over to you! Are either of the two games I mentioned something you’d try?

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  1. Kirsten on

    I’ve been playing The Sims since the original version, except for Sims 2. I spent hours and hours playing Sims 1 & 3 and initially hated 4 but now I have 4 and some of the expansions, game packs, and stuff packs and I am in love with the Sims all over again. Right now I spend a lot of time in Sulani (Island Living) and am going to get Pets the next time it goes on sale.

    Like you, I thought that the base game plus mods and custom content would keep me occupied for a while and it did for over a year before I bought my first expansion pack. I am a little bored of the game right now but can’t wait until the next sale because Pets should keep me entertained for a while.

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