Things Lately

I haven’t done one of these “general life updates” for a while. So here we go!

Up until recently, the thoughts in my head have been like soup. Like an Alphabet Soup that has been jerked around and thrown on the floor…

A couple of weeks ago, I took a few days off work due to the Easter holidays. Since we couldn’t go anywhere, this gave me time to tidy up my room. It also gave me the head space to evaluate myself, and figure out where I’m going next.

Socialising in Isolation

Even before we were under stay-at-home orders, this had been something I was keen to work on. In my experience, it’s been an uphill battle to get people together for dinner or a movie.

My friends are all very reclusive and introverted usually, and have niche interests. But Tom’s friends are less that way. So, I’ve gotten some moderate success with reminding Tom every now and then that I enjoy having small groups of his friends around for dinner.

And despite being the introvert, I love occasionally sharing group comfort meals. Vegetarian nachos, blitva (boiled potatoes with garlic and silverbeet), and scalloped potatoes are some of my crowd pleasers.

To fill the gap of dinner parties with friends, there have been a few online Jackbox nights. Which I’m surprised worked well as a streamed game.

Another thing I’m thankful for is my aikido family. Around the beginning of the year, it became custom for us to have coffee together after the Saturday morning class. That tradition now carries on after our online Saturday morning class. My classmates are a good bunch.

This Website

I have been feeling nostalgic lately, and my mind has wandered around to things from the past I used to collect and love.

Sometime between the years of 2011 and 2017 I went through a mass purge and downsizing of things. There were many reasons, but some things I considered were: “no one else would find this interesting”, “this would be difficult to take with me if I move”, and “looks like I’m never getting a job, and I need money more than I need this thing.”

But these days, my job is pretty good and secure. So I can afford to get myself a few nice things.

In future, I might add pages about my other vintage collectables, op-shopped clothing, and dinosaur toys. But these will have to wait until I’ve got a nicer display for them and/or the free time to take good photos.

Other Online Projects

My digital marketing blog, ‘Hey, Louise’, is kinda on hiatus. I don’t think I have it in me to research and write a lot of articles in this niche.

I was hoping was to shift to writing helpful guides for the small business owner who likes to DIY things. This was more likely to happen if my employment switched to permanent part-time. (At the start of April it looked like it was going to, but now it isn’t.) So now, that entire thing is on hold until/unless I happen to be switched to part time again.

Lastly, I have been working on a t-shirt and merchandise store! I never wanted to see myself as one of those: “Get rich from 1001 side-gigs” sort of people. I am doing this so I can make some extra side cash whilst doing something fun. Or at least have fun trying.

The reality of the world right now is that I’m probably not going to get a pay increase anytime soon. It’s also highly likely that if/when I move in with Tom, the rent is going to cost more than what I’m accustomed to. This doesn’t mean I’ll be living outside my means or anything like that… But it might mean not having enough money for nice things like booze and holidays. (It’ll also mean maybe not having money to donate to the charities and causes I care for, nor to put away in savings. I certainly don’t want to be living in a way where all my dollars get spent every month.)

I am not officially open yet, but when I do, expect a big announcement. (You can, feel free to take a look now if you like though.)

Hope you are happy, healthy, and taking care. 🙂