The Wedding of a Lifetime

On the 8/8/2016 I had the honour of seeing two of my good friends get married at this beautiful place, Avalon Castle.

For them, it was like a fairy-tale come true. It was entirely Disney themed – not a cosplay wedding, but the bride and her brides’s maids had Disney inspired outfits. They were dressed as Tiana and Naveen, I was Cinderella, the bride’s maids were princesses, and the groom’s men were villains. Not only that, but the dinner tables were each themed after a Disney movie, and the entire ceremony and dinner took place IN A CASTLE!

It was also the first time I got to be a bride’s maid. After my inability to forge strong friendships over my lifetime, I had given up on the idea that I’d ever be part of someone’s bridal party. So I must be doing something right, if Jess considers me this much of a friend.

I could not have dreamed of such a magical celebration. Bride and groom looked fantastic, and were overwhelmingly delighted. I’m sure all who attended all have good memories about this event.

Avalon Castle

The ceremony and dinner function took place here. It’s also hotel, so the bride’s maids spent the night here too. The bride and groom had their own special cottage. 🙂

I will probably not see another wedding like this in my lifetime. It was truly one of a kind!

2 comments on “The Wedding of a Lifetime

  1. Kaela on

    Oh my gosh, the wedding sounds like it was truly a magical day! As a Disney fan, I’m smiling here imagining how fun it must’ve been. 🙂 It’s cool they were Tiana and Naveen (Naveen is one of my favorite Disney Princes). And you ladies got to be Disney Princesses! I hope I get to attend a wedding like that someday.

    I’ve never been a bride’s maid too. I’m not really the sociable type.

  2. Kya on

    That sounds like such an amazing wedding. 😀 It would not be very often that you get to be part of something like that, so it’s wonderful that you could be. <3

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