Holiday: The Best Pizza and The Quarantine Station

This is just a super short post about the holiday my boyfriend and I went on this past week.

We visited my favourite Italian restaurant on Philip Island, and explored the old quarantine facility at Portsea.

The Wonderful Pizza!

Firstly, the Italian restaurant, Pino’s… I can’t stress how much I love the Margherita pizza here! 🍕 The dough has perfect consistency, and the tomato sauce is rich and not overpowering.

Unfortunately, I was too excited and hungry to take a picture of our pizza at the time, so here’s one from two years ago:

I know the photo makes it look greasy, but it totally wasn’t. 😋 The dough was crisp on the outside, and slightly soft on the inside. Just too good! Of course, the other items on the menu (pasta, drinks, desserts) were also quite good.

If you are ever visiting Phillip Island, and you love pizza, having a meal at Pino’s is a must!

❤️ 🍕 ❤️

The Quarantine Station at Portsea

The facility was established in the 1800s to check over immigrants and livestock as they arrived by boat into Victoria. There were an assortment of buildings, including hospitals, and the boiler house – with it’s eerie disinfecting chambers.

This photo is of our mascot Pusheen, on the ramp up to a disinfecting chamber, inside the boiler house:

When the chambers were in use, luggage would be fumigated with formaldehyde. Bedding would be sent through separate chamber with steam.

Apart from the old buildings, there was a small collection of uniforms, artefacts and photocopies of text from times gone by.

The Quarantine Station was defiantly a fun place to explore and learn about the history of the local area. When (and if) we visit again, our plan is to take a tour of the nearby military fort.

Over to you:

  • Have you ever visited an old, disused facility like this? Would you?
  • Are you a fan of pizza? If so, what’s your favourite?