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Tag: Melbourne

Environment & Sustainability Article Roundup, September 2019

Bellow is a collection of articles I’ve read this month that are related to saving the environment and sustainability. (Except for the LEGO article, but I found that before I started making these collections.

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Honest thoughts on Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game is a magnificent game produced in Melbourne by House House. And I’ll be honest, I’m slightly underwhelmed by this game.

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Holiday: The Best Pizza and The Quarantine Station

This is just a super short post about the holiday my boyfriend and I went on this past week.

We visited my favourite Italian restaurant on Philip Island, and explored the old quarantine facility at Portsea.

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Review: Getting my Japanese food fix (ramen) at Misoya

The other week lunch was offered on the office, and I was cruelly denied my choice of Japanese cuisine. What happened next? I was forced to endure cravings for miso soup for two weeks. (And I couldn’t settled for the instant variety you can get at the supermarket.)

However, today that all changed.

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