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Tag: aikido

October 2019, what a month!

This month was quite an exciting one for me. With a new job, re-launch of my personal brand website, aikido achievements, and more!

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A big misconception about aikido

When I first told my friends that I had taken up aikido again, the major response was more or less, “Wow, cool! You’ll be able to really hurt people.”


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Getting back into aikido

On 27/5/2019 I started my first official class at a new dojo. The last time I practiced was sometime in 2014.

I was never graded in aikido before, and very frustrated because I couldn’t perform a roll. Hopefully my new sensei can help me achieve this action.

Anyway, returning to the mat was, no kidding, like being a baby deer on ice. And this is not just because I’m rusty – but because this dojo is much more physically demanding than the one I was at before. But this is okay actually, because I believe the physical activity is doing me some good.

One thing that prompted me to return to training was all the sitting down I was doing.

Up until recently, I spent all day sitting down at a desk (occasionally using the standing feature or taking a break to play table tennis). Then I sit down all evening to watch Netflix, YouTube, or to play a video game.

Now I look forward to spending my evenings doing physical activity, because it’s doing me some good.

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