Switching to Reusable Menstrual Products

Reusable menstrual products (or RUMPs) are something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, but have been putting it off because I live with my parents, and my mum thinks it’s gross. But the guilt of throwing all these synthetic objects into landfill, and the dryness in the lady parts, have been getting to me.

I initially wanted to only try cloth pads, but I figured cups would be easier because there’s less work involved cleaning them, and I think I can be more discreet with using them. Precious Stars (Bree Farmer’s YouTube channel) helped a lot in deciding which cup brands to try.

Since I have no idea which size is suitable for me (according to Bree and Lunette’s guidelines, either could work for me) I’ve decided to get one of each size. I have a Lunette in size 2, which I bought online from their Australian dealer (and was on sale), and I’m currently waiting for a Ruby Cup size 1, which I ordered from Bree’s shop in the UK. I was also considering Juju cup (which is designed and made in Australia) however, I couldn’t go past the Lunette sale, and Juju’s shop didn’t carry cleaning products and other little bits I wanted. Also, Ruby Cup donate menstrual cups to girls in need – I think that’s cool!

I also have some pantyliners from Moon Pads, and some pads (which I think are from Boowiggie – I haven’t unsealed them), which I’ve yet to try. But as I said about mum’s ick factor, I’ll probably just try the cups and pantyliners, since I probably won’t have to soak them in a bucket. (Besides, I have literally nowhere to keep a bucket.)

High quality silicone cups cost around AUD$40-60, and pads average around $15-20. Which seems like a lot, but these items are hand made with lots of care, and/or are meant to last several years. The stash I have now is worth about as much as what I pay in disposables in one year – so I consider this a saving.

If you want to know more, then Bree’s website and YouTube channel are a good place to start.

I’ll be visiting this topic again once I’ve actually tried using these products on a period or two.

Also, random fact. I’ve never actually inserted a tampon before – but have no qualms about inserting a cup.

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  1. Sarah on

    Hope the experiment goes well! I’ve considered menstrual cups before but they’re hard to come by here (or at least used to be) and I’m worried about taking them out and ending up with blood everywhere.

    I used to be subscribed to Bree’s channel, she’s pretty amazing for someone so young, but decided that right now re-useable products aren’t for me. I’d be interested in hearing how the liners go though and whether they’re nice and soft and comfortable to wear or not.

    • Louise on

      I’m curious. What put you off RUMPs?

      There definitely will be a follow up post after one or two cycles. And with summer coming up, it would be an interesting time to test for comfort. >.O

  2. Liz on


    Well, almost uses them? Is using them?

    ANY WHO, I write a lot about my experiences with these on my cousin’s blog under my author profile, but haven’t contributed anything to it lately because #slacker, even though I do have at least one post in my drafts, waiting for me to finish writing it.

    I…don’t wash my pads in a bucket. I rinse them as soon as possible, and then they go into the wash with my clothes when I do laundry—I start with the reds and purples, then go to the brights/neons, then the blacks… they go through about three washes total, and I’ve yet to experience intense staining. I like flannel, because it’s easier to clean than cotton, but I love minky… it doesn’t stain and is super easy to wash. It’s like a cloud. :s

    I have a Lunette in the first size, which I won from a giveaway… I like it more than the INTIMINA Lily Cup Compact, because I’m terrified the compact is gonna, like, fold up on its own if I move wrong.

    Tree Hugger Cloth Pads are having a Black Friday Sale the day after Thanksgiving—with free shipping. I don’t remember the code for it but can get it for you if desired? I think it extends to international orders. 🙂

    Lower-cost pads: Yurtcraft, ChelseaBeeCreations, CozyCloth…ugh, I will have to get you my list. I’ve no clue how the shipping to Australia would be, though. THCP has a Free Shipping addon; I’m not sure if it extends to international orders.

    I’ve wanted to order from Bree, but the price of shipping to the US results in the cost of THCP for me—and I like THCP’s patterns and how the design extends to the wings. I’ve wanted to try the Ruby Cup, but…I am still having issues using the cups—and I have used tampons.

    If you ever wanna brag about your stash, you know where to find me. 😉

    • Louise on

      Awesome! I was hoping at least a few people in my blogosphere would be interested in RUMPS. 🙂 Well, I haven’t tried anything on yet… I’m waiting for the Ruby Cup to arrive.

      I think the bucket thing is to leave them for a few hours or overnight in a stain remover… So you don’t have to put them through as many wash cycles? I don’t know… I intend to use cups for the majority of the period (including overnight), then use light pads for spotting and/or backup. So I hope washing won’t be too involved, and I’m looking forward to hopefully not leaking overnight.

      Unfortunately, the exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and US Dollar is awful at the moment, otherwise I’d be giving some of those a try. (However, exchange between AUD and British Pound is reasonable.) But for the most part, I’d prefer to buy local in order to support local business. I’ve found a few reasonably priced sellers on Etsy, should I ever want or need more for my collection.

      • Liz on

        I mean, a drop of vinegar where the stain is and a toss in the wash works, too. I don’t buy light colors, though, in terms of cotton or flannel. Cotton is the easiest to stain and hardest to clean, flannel is easier than cotton to clean and remove stains from, and minky never stains. Minky gets hot fast, though, as does flannel. There are also stain sticks, though I’ve never tried them because they’re made with soy and/or coconut, so that would cause hives in, what I imagine would be, the worst place ever.

        If I’m feeling lazy and/or just want to hurry and clean them, running each pad through cold water and wringing it out (clear or not), then putting it into my wetbag and taking everything straight to the wash works. Our detergent is eco-friendly (I’ve read it helps a TON in terms of preserving the life of your pads) and gets stains out well on its own… really, the thing is whether you mind stains. If you don’t, they don’t require a ton of washing. Staining doesn’t really take away the life of a pad, from what I’ve read.

        Some people talk of putting them in the shower [with them] and running the cold water, but I’m not too sure how that really works. But eh, yeah. I don’t have my own bathroom [it connects to the rest of the house] and am not totally sure what my grandmother would think of me using cloth pads (I’ve tried to talk to her about how irregular my cycle is before and got the impression I shouldn’t be talking about it so loosely?), so I use them discreetly. I also don’t do well with bloody liquids as a whole (getting blood drawn makes me nauseous, and that comes to mind), so I don’t think I’d be okay with a bucket. :s

        Others do a pre-soak in the wash and avoid the bucket method that way.

        It’s mostly all about what you prefer/find easiest. XD

        There’s another blogger who uses RUMPs, as I have seen her on some relevant videos in the comments section, but I’m not sure if it’d be okay/right to “out” her, for lack of a better word?

        I’ve also considered blogging about this stuff on 6birds, but agh. People know me. :s And my most popular-ever post was the INTIMINA one, and that still baffles me.

        (But maybe if more people blogged about them there would be more users?)

        • Louise on

          Well, we have an all natural stain remover that works well on small stains. I haven’t tired it on anything heavily blood stained, but would like to try it.

          I guess it’s up to you if you keep things private or not. It is my wish for the world that we lose the stigma around periods. It’s just a natural bodily function you have to accept, unless you decide to stop it with hormone-based contraceptives.

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