Short Summaries of Anime and Games – End of 2020

It’s been difficult to write posts lately.

I blame this on spending my day in front of the computer. Even though I’ve been doing this my whole working life… It’s getting to the point where sometimes I can’t stand being around computers.

But since this blog isn’t a job, I don’t feel so bad about not writing for a while.

Side note: I have changed the theme again. I felt as though the header was too dominating. I have been inspired lately by many blogs I’ve visited via geekring, who all seem to have a minimal thing going on.

Anyway, on with the summaries!

Anime Watched

Here is a summary of anime I’ve seen (mainly in the 2nd half of this year). Everything was watched in Japanese with English subtitles, except for Space Battleship Tiramisu.

Space Battleship Tiramisu

A comedy based in space. Where the main character constantly seeks refuge in his mecha cockpit.

Normally we don’t watch English dubs, but I felt that the voice acting supported the goofy theme.

Food Wars

A (very) ecchi show where the main character competes in Iron Chef style battles. There are endless amounts of weird characters.

Gurren Lagann

An excellent sci-fi-ish mecha anime, which is the source of an amazing quote:

“Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you!”



A charming, but violent sci-fi anime with beautiful environs and cute characters.

Made in Abyss

The artwork would make you think this was similar to a Studio Ghibli work… but no… it’s not. It’s a dark fantasy with horror/gore elements.

One Punch Man

It’s a super hero series where the main character feels blase about being a super hero. Probably the greatest thing to happen to the super hero genre.

Video Games

All of the games described below can be purchased on Steam.

Wilmot’s Warehouse

A very chill game which is all about sorting objects any way you like. You also have to serve objects to customers too.

Factory Town

Another chill game. You get to take control of logistics of recourse production and develop new technology.

Among Us

This is an excellent, multi-player only game. All players are crewmates who are tasked with various maintenance jobs (often mini games, but sometimes a sit and wait task). However a fraction of the players are impostors, who’s goal is to kill non-impostors, or survive until non-imposters are outnumbered.

This was great to play with groups of people online when we couldn’t leave our houses.


An RPG where you can decide whether to kill monsters or befriend them. I avoided this for the longest time because I had judgements about it. Mainly I didn’t think it would be fun if all you did was talked… But monsters do attack you even if you choose not to fight them.

Turns out, it’s really good.

Roller Coaster Tycoon

A game I keep coming back to when I want something chill and easy.

Tekken 7

I played this only to see what was going on with the Mishima family feud. That’s all. XD I couldn’t care less about competitive play or character customisation. But I used to play Tekken 3 a lot with my sister back in the day… and would enjoy all the character’s little stories.

I purchased this while Steam was having a sale. Though I probably would have enjoyed it just as much, if not more, on the PS4 (I forget that thing exists because I play on my PC so much XD)

That’s all for my anime and game summaries. Let me know if any of these resonate with you. ✌

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