Saurian: Support Fuzzy Dinosaurs!

I’ve just backed a Kickstarter project for the first time, and man am I thrilled!

Saurian is an open-world game where you get to live out the life of a dinosaur, from hatching to adult. It combines two of my passions: Sandbox games, and scientifically accurate dinosaurs! What I’m especially excited for is that the world is said to be dynamic: Any action you take has an effect on the balance of the ecosystem. Also, it appears as though there may be random events, such as weather and bushfires.

Sandbox games, I love because I like to shape my own path through the world. I also like that I’m not necessarily in competition with anyone. (Although there are plans to add a multiplayer component to the game.)

Scientifically accurate dinosaurs, I love because I think it’s great to bring awareness to current scientific knowledge about dinosaurs. The way we see dinosaurs in entertainment media these days is based on restorations from the 1960s and earlier. (Personally, I can’t stand seeing dromaeosaurs without feathers… And I don’t agree that putting feathers on a velociraptor stops it being scary – I mean, have you heard of the cassowary!? Yeah, I could go on and on about pop culture dinosaurs VS scientifically accurate dinosaurs…)

The game is not due out until January 2017, and I can hardly wait! I have plans to broadcast on Twitch (if it’s feasible with my internet connection) once I have my copy.

I’m probably going to play as the Dakotaraptor first. It looks like fun!

2 comments on “Saurian: Support Fuzzy Dinosaurs!

  1. Kya on

    That game sounds so awesome! It looks like the game also has well over what they wanted, so hopefully it will be ready to roll in January 2017! 😀 I am looking forward to possibly playing it as well. I love games that allow actions to have consequence and effect the whole environment and world. 😀

  2. Karin on

    That does sound like a cool game. I love sandbox type games too, and you pretty much had me at “scientifically accurate dinosaurs”. 🙂 At this point we know that many dinosaurs had feathers, and it irks me when new movies/games/things comes out with inaccurate portrayals. Jurassic World for example; it would’ve been so cool to see Hollywood-level graphics of feathered raptors! And I see no reason why it would make them any less intimidating either, there are plenty of really scary-looking birds living today. The cassowary for example, and like, all the vultures.

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