Review: The Niddrie Pizza

Let me start by saying, I don’t intend to become a food blogger… But something must be very special about this pizza if I’m still thinking about it days later, and feeling prompted to write a blog post. (Maybe I should be leaving a public review on Facebook and/or Zomato.)

Niddrie is a small suburb north-west of Melbourne, and here you’ll find Pizzeria Antichi Sapori, a family-run pizza restaurant. They didn’t have many options on the menu, apart from pizza, but they had some delicious home-made aranchini which was like nothing I’ve had before! In other words, I usually find aranchini to be pretty bland, but this one was bursting with flavour! However, I think the “Niddrie” pizza stole the show here. Meaty eggplant, soft and melty (not sticky) cheese, tomato sauce that tastes like tomato, and a very savory base/crust with just enough crunch.


Mouth-watering Niddrie pizza, and a tasty rocket salad in the background. Am I making you hungry? Sorry. (Not sorry.)

The staff were very friendly and responsive, and not all in your face, which I guess happened to be because we were there on a quiet night.

10/10. Would eat here again.

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  1. Sarah on

    Yum! I love trying new pizza.. I’m always a bit scared about eggplant though. It looks puffy and delicious.

    You should totally leave a review on Zomato! 🙂

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