Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Bear in mind, this review of JoJo coming from someone who isn’t the intended audience of the show. Given that it originated from a weekly manga magazine for teenage Japanese boys. (And I am, at the time of writing this, a non-binary/demifem person in their 30s.)

Also, at time of writing this, I have only seen the first two arcs (“Phantom Blood” and “Battle Tendency”), plus bits and pieces of the third and fourth (“Stardust Crusaders” and “Diamond is Unbreakable”).

Reasons I liked it

  • Overall, the show is extremely quirky and ridiculous – in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way.
  • I really liked the art style and character designs. It was refreshing to see the characters change colours depending on the location or time of day.
  • Character deaths aren’t always deaths – often, they’re upgrades.

Reasons you might not like it

  • The show has extremely poor treatment of female characters. Especially in the third season.
    • I thought Lisa Lisa was okay, but the female characters are one of the main things that turned me off Stardust Crusaders.
  • You might not like JoJo if you don’t have the stomach for grotesque violence (e.g. people getting eyes ripped out of their faces).
  • Violence towards animals. (At least, I appreciate the animal violence in season one was off screen.)

Should you watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

If you are an anime fan and you’re on the fence, I recommend watching Episode 10 of Diamond is Unbreakable, called “Let’s Go Eat Some Italian Food” – as there is no major violence (a little gore though) it will give you a good indication of whether JoJo is something you would like or not.

You can find episodes of the anime on streaming websites such as Crunchyroll (US/international) or AnimeLab (Australia).

Over to you:

  • Have you seen JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?
  • Would you consider watching it?
  • Are you an anime fan?
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