Respect Artists – Pony Hearts (by BambooDog)

Who would have thought that a piece of fan art should cause so much drama?

Well, I don’t like to call it drama. I call it blatant art theft. The thought that people can find a cute image on the internet, and pass it off as their own because it’s “too hard” to find the original creator. Somehow because “finding” the artwork entitles you to be the original creator. Because you “found” some artwork on Google and printed it onto a t-shirt or charm entitles you to profit. No, it doesn’t work that way honey. The internet isn’t as vague as you think – People like me can tell.

Back in 2011, a deviantART user known as BambooDog created a simple piece of fan art, which for some reason excited the grabby-hands of heartless creatures. BambooDog is the original creator. How do I know? Well, just looking at this users gallery, and their consistent art style, indicates to me this is the real deal. There are no earlier records of this type of art before My Little Sleepy Heads was posted. Below is a low-res version of My Little Sleepy Heads, and the later requested A Hearted Collection.


Why am I posting this? Well, I am not here to police the internet – I’m pretty sure I’ll be driven crazy if I try. I’m posting this because I want to show that I’m someone who cares about original creators. If for some reason BambooDog closes their deviantART account (which, I’m glad they haven’t! despite all the drama!) this post will still be here to honour him. 🙂

We are probably not going to see the end of people selling stolen fan-art on Etsy or eBay. We can say, “oh well they aren’t making millions”. True, but they are still being disrespectful to original creators.

BambooDog, if you read this, I respect your original work, and will never buy any pony heart merchandise unless you are personally selling it.

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  1. Kya on

    It is really awful when people do this. I think it’s worse when they are stealing the art and using it to make money. 🙁 I have seen some people stealing art on DeviantArt and had a few thefts of my own work, but nothing on that scale.

    I think part of the problem is people also want things very quickly. They see something and think I want that, and just take it without thinking of any repercussions. Which there should be.

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