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A while ago I created and uploaded some Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 content. I have a few tracks and a custom scenario.

Creating custom game content, especially tile-based map content, is super chill. Although the editor is somewhat clunky and old, it really impresses me how well classic RCT holds up today. I mean, it runs fine on Windows 10, the graphics haven’t aged badly, and people on YouTube are actively recording themselves playing.

I had some problems with creating my first map though. Like, I wanted visitors to be able to walk across a highway to get from one part of the park to another. No matter what I did, the game boundary and guest spawner location wouldn’t allow it. 😟 I had to test the scenario and go through the final publishing steps several times. It frustrates me when I have to do things over and over again.

I don’t expect to be making RCT content regularly anyway. It’s just a chill, fun activity I can sink into on the computer when I need a reality escape.

Other things

Health-wise, I’m doing better! Upping my vitamin D seems to have made a world of difference! The birth control pill hasn’t done anything nasty to me as far as I can tell.

Because I no longer feel the need to spend 3/4 of the weekend napping, I have been exploring side hustle ideas again. Nothing set in stone yet, but a lot of interesting/wasteful research has been done. *sigh*

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