Review: Getting my Japanese food fix (ramen) at Misoya

The other week lunch was offered on the office, and I was cruelly denied my choice of Japanese cuisine. What happened next? I was forced to endure cravings for miso soup for two weeks. (And I couldn’t settled for the instant variety you can get at the supermarket.)

However, today that all changed.

I successfully twisted my boyfriend’s arm (or he came along willingly, I’m not sure – he’s a bit obscure in this sort of regard – often tells me that ramen isn’t one of his favourites) into trying out the ramen place on Sydney Road.

Here’s what we received:

Misoya Special Ramen
Calpico Melon Soda


Well, it wasn’t the ramen I was expecting.

It was even better!

I mean, I guess when you’re going somewhere for ramen you have an expectation of how it will taste. Especially if it’s containing pork and/or a miso-based broth – you expect it to taste exactly like pork and/or miso… Not in this case!

The broth most definitely had onion, garlic and chilli in it – which made it extra especially awesomely good for a cold winter day. And the added ingredients to the soup didn’t overtake the pork or miso flavour either!

We each had the same kind of ramen and a melon Calpico soda (probably acted as a partial incentive for the mister). I think I actually got him to like ramen, heh.

Any negatives?

The only meat options were pork or fried chicken. I would preferred if there was a not-fried-chicken. And that the vegetarian options completely omitted the protein component (was basically noodles, water, and wakame as far as I can tell). And although it was a sake bar, I think it would’ve been nice to have more beer options, and perhaps ciders.

Otherwise the place was nice. Not too crowded for a Saturday afternoon and the staff were very pleasant. I recommend it and I think we’ll be back again. 😋

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