Perth Holiday 2019

I just visited Perth for the first time last week. It was pretty great. I got to meet some of Tom’s family and friends, including their dog, Riley.

Sadly, I regret I did not take any photos… Apart from one of a brunch and a dilapidated garden with a Hill’s Hoist (an important historical relic?). Some part of my mind was fixated on enjoying the experience, rather than having a camera/phone in my hands.

Brunch at a cafe in Nedlands.

Next time, though, I will be sure to pack either a compact camera, or have a better phone.

This lot was completely empty, apart from some trees, this Hill’s Hoist, and a pile of bricks.

The highlight of the trip? Spending down in the southern part of Western Australia. Far away from the city, and enjoying the sounds of kookaburras and watching kangaroos from the holiday house.

Perth is lovely. I will be back again, and will have more photos.

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