Pandemic Panic in Melbourne

I am writing about this because I believe it will become an important part of history. Perhaps this situation will be the tipping point society needs to start making better choices.

Okay well, at the moment it seems there is mass panic, but I have my fingers crossed that once the boat stops shaking, people may be able to think more rationally. Maybe. I mean some people have felt remorse for buying so much toilet paper. That, to me, is a sign that minds can change.

How it’s affecting me

It isn’t affecting me too badly right now.

Most groceries are still available. E.g. fresh produce, milk, eggs, cheese, and some breads. So, I’m not going to go hungry.

Some things, however, are difficult to track down. These being meat, rice, canned food, toilet paper, soap, detergent and dishwasher powder.

There’s less of a selection of feminine hygiene products – which isn’t such of a bother for me because I use reusables – but I wanted to pick some up to donate to the “Share the Dignity” collection box at Woolworths.

The thing affecting me the most right now is the anger and confusion of supermarket shoppers right now. I don’t know why, but I feel like I am a sponge that picks up emotions of people within close proximity of me.

Thankfully I picked up a large pack of toilet paper at ALDI the other day, as I just happened to wander in as the staff were unloading a pallet.

It’s all pretty nuts though. Some elderly folk can’t get their hands on toilet paper.

My company have made a decision that all staff work from home this week. Not so bad for us, considering our work involves using computers and the internet. Even our phone system uses the internet.

Anyway, it’s a wait and see situation. But I hope we get some normalcy soon.

Cover image from Gratisography. ’cause it felt inappropriate to take my camera out and photograph at the supermarket right now.

2 comments on “Pandemic Panic in Melbourne

  1. Megan on

    Yeah, its crazy really. Luckily we did have a stock of toilet paper before this happened (if its on sale my mom gets more). We did get two packs to be safe though. I know when my mom went to ours they were out of loads of stuff.

    Honestly its rather scary. Hopefully things will be okay.

  2. Kirsten on

    I never understood the panic buying of toilet paper. Here in Canada, it got so bad that for almost a 2 week period it was impossible to find. Now they have rules in place and have changed policies about returns, etc. We can’t get hand sanitizer, masks though our government is asking us to wear them outside more to protect others than ourselves, we can’t get disinfectants, soap, detergents, and a lot of produce and meats easily.

    My hubby works at Walmart in town and he has gotten the brunt of angry customers a few times but nothing too major thankfully. But he said people are getting absolutely crazy and angry. It’s nuts and scary. I am at home and don’t go out other than to take him back and forth to work.

    Our stores have implemented an hour when they open dedicated to the elderly and the immunocompromised so they can get their hands on things that have been shipped in overnight. But our hospitals are running out of things like masks, gloves, gowns and other PPE. My province had it’s first death today too and the start of community spread over the last few days so that’s scary as crap.

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