Followup on RUMPs

A few months ago, I decided to switch to reusable menstrual products (RUMPs). How is it going?

Well, like the majority who switch, I’ve decided I don’t want to go back! I have so far tried two different cups, the Lunette cup size 2 (large), and the Ruby Cup small. The Lunette cup is proving great on my heavy days and overnights, while the Ruby Cup is good on my light days. I used to find bloody patches on my bed in the mornings, but now that only happens rarely, if the air holes happen to be blocked (and I sleep in).

I have tried a few different cloth pads, but cups are definitely the winner. I tried an “overnight” cloth pad, but woke up in a wet puddle. 🙁

What I like the most is that cups are easier to wash than pads – a lot easier. Also, you can put them in and forget they are there, and not feel bad about sitting on wet gunk.

It took me a few tries to get used to placing the cup correctly. If you do it wrong, the discharge will simply run down the side and not into the cup – fortunately that only happened once, and I had a heavy pad on as backup.


Additionally, I have been using cloth panty liners from my favourite Etsy seller, Gypsy Heart, as backup. It just happened that her star liners are the right design for me, and that her fabric choices are super cute. She almost always includes a sample of amazing tea with her parcels. 🙂 Above is a picture of Pukka star anise & cinnamon tea.

In conclusion, RUMPs are awesome and you should try them! 😀 Please don’t be put off by the expensive price of menstrual cups – save up and buy yourself a good quality one! I think AUD$50-60 is a fine investment towards something you can re-use for years!

Goal Setting

By the end of 2016 I would like to:

  • Have a blog with 3000 subscribers. (Or at least if that’s the combined total of followers via email, Twitter, and Facebook… that would be nice!)
  • Get my membership with AWIA. (If they ever open up registrations again!!!)
  • Have a competent understanding of Angular.js and/or React.js.
  • Film/produce at least 3 short videos for promotional purposes.
  • Figure out how to get preprocessors to work on my computer. (What is command line? I don’t even…)
  • Convince people that I’m actually a better designer than developer…
  • Actually get comfortable with using the command line…? o_o

Within 5 years I would like to:

  • Attend a WordPress camp, or other developer conference outside of Melbourne.
  • Attend a LARP in another country.
  • Attend a gaming convention in another state or country.
  • Be earning a decent passive income from blog mentioned above. (Probably not to live off, but any extra income is good.)
  • Co-author an app/software with someone. (I cbf learning to be a full-blown programmer, but I can at least have some say in it!)
  • Speak at a conference/seminar! o_o
  • Win an award for something I designed, photographed, filmed, authored, or co-authored.

Within 10 years I would like to:

  • Have been part of designing/co-authoring a LARP, tabletop, or board game.
  • Have attended LARPs in at least two other countries.
  • Have met at least one of my idols/heroes in person.
  • Have my own house where I can be as messy or neat as I want! (If I’m married and/or raising a family, that’s ok too, but not a must.)

Do you have your own list of goals? Have you made a list like this before, and attempted to achieve your goals? Please share. 🙂

Respect Artists – Stop Bootlegs

This has been cross-posted to my BJD Tumblr blog and private Facebook page. I normally keep doll-related matters separate, but the respect for artists (or lack thereof) is something very close to my heart. Artists matter to me, and they deserve to be paid for their time and effort.

Oh my gosh. I know not all of you are into expensive toys, but these dolls are made by small, family-run businesses who take pride and care in what they do. The dolls are made in limited quantities. Every doll is a work of art. I have the highest respect for these artisans. The dolls are not only very pretty, but some clever engineering needs to go in to make them pose-able too.

Kindness of Strangers

I did a good deed for an elderly man on Tuesday. But I’m not just here to brag about this.

He was confused and barely spoke English. I helped him find his way to the train replacement bus, and get off at the right stop, and he was extremely grateful for this simple act.

Because on first glance, the old man looked like he was mentally ill. He was wearing strange clothes, had a limp, and called me “missy”. So creepy, right? But I knew from his face, accent, and attire that he was recently from Vietnam and genuinely confused.

I never know what words to use around foreign people, so I nod, smile, and said “you’re welcome”. I waved and said “good luck” as he got off the bus, and he stopped and waved when the bus took off.

When I got off the bus at my stop, a young man (18-19-ish) approached me and said he saw what I did, and really appreciated it. I said, “You saw how grateful he was. Imagine how many people snobbed him off today.”

So, think how many people must have ignored him, because on first glance he looked like a weirdo. He reacted to me as if he won a prize. I didn’t think anyone noticed what I did, so I was surprised when I received thanks from another stranger.

Out of hundreds of people he encountered today, was I the only one who smiled? Let alone step up to help?

Despite having grown up around cliquish Vietnamese kids, the older ones seem like nice, genuine people.

Okay, I think I’ll end my rant there.

Star Wars Episode VII

So, this happened on Wednesday night, crossing over to Thursday morning, some friends and I went to the midnight screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (And I didn’t get to sleep until about 4am.) Us being such big fangirls and fanboys, this, and dressing up was totally obligatory! (Except it was only the girls who dressed up.)

Box Opening: MooGoo Skincare

I was very exited to receive my parcel from MooGoo skincare today!

A couple of years ago, I sought out an aluminum-free deodorant, because of the apparent health risks associated with the aluminum. I did a quick online search and decided to give MooGoo’s roll-on a try. The deodorant I ordered online came with a sample bottle of their milk wash (cleanser), which I find very soothing to use after hair removal (especially shaving). The deodorant is nice because it isn’t very pungent, and doesn’t irritate after underarm waxing. And the bottle lasts a long time – I’m still using the same bottle of roll-on after two years!

At the time I’m writing this, the weather has been getting very hot – So that means frequent leg shaving for me – and skin irritation. So I decided to order a proper bottle of their cleanser, and a spare bottle of deodorant while I was at it, and they threw in a couple of goodies.


The contents of my MooGoo box.

Usually they include at least one free sample in their order (I oped for the moisturiser), but they had a couple of seasonal specials: SPF 40 sunscreen, and face scrub (containing coffee!?) – So yay! This company is so awesome!

Also, I like what they did with their packaging…


This way up (or I’ll churn into butter)

Overall I’m very satisfied with the quality of these products, and the prices are very reasonable! I’m also happy to be supporting a local Aussie business! I realise that there are stockists in my local area, but I only found that out after my online purchase – Plus I don’t think I can get the free goodies unless I order online.

Switching to Reusable Menstrual Products

Reusable menstrual products (or RUMPs) are something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, but have been putting it off because I live with my parents, and my mum thinks it’s gross. But the guilt of throwing all these synthetic objects into landfill, and the dryness in the lady parts, have been getting to me.

I initially wanted to only try cloth pads, but I figured cups would be easier because there’s less work involved cleaning them, and I think I can be more discreet with using them. Precious Stars (Bree Farmer’s YouTube channel) helped a lot in deciding which cup brands to try.

Since I have no idea which size is suitable for me (according to Bree and Lunette’s guidelines, either could work for me) I’ve decided to get one of each size. I have a Lunette in size 2, which I bought online from their Australian dealer (and was on sale), and I’m currently waiting for a Ruby Cup size 1, which I ordered from Bree’s shop in the UK. I was also considering Juju cup (which is designed and made in Australia) however, I couldn’t go past the Lunette sale, and Juju’s shop didn’t carry cleaning products and other little bits I wanted. Also, Ruby Cup donate menstrual cups to girls in need – I think that’s cool!

I also have some pantyliners from Moon Pads, and some pads (which I think are from Boowiggie – I haven’t unsealed them), which I’ve yet to try. But as I said about mum’s ick factor, I’ll probably just try the cups and pantyliners, since I probably won’t have to soak them in a bucket. (Besides, I have literally nowhere to keep a bucket.)

High quality silicone cups cost around AUD$40-60, and pads average around $15-20. Which seems like a lot, but these items are hand made with lots of care, and/or are meant to last several years. The stash I have now is worth about as much as what I pay in disposables in one year – so I consider this a saving.

If you want to know more, then Bree’s website and YouTube channel are a good place to start.

I’ll be visiting this topic again once I’ve actually tried using these products on a period or two.

Also, random fact. I’ve never actually inserted a tampon before – but have no qualms about inserting a cup.


Liebster Award

I’ve been nominated by Karin for the Liebster Award. And it’s about bloody time I responded to this! I don’t think my responses to the questions are all that great, but I thought I’d give this a try.

Liebster Award Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog.
  2. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
  3. Nominate (and notify) other bloggers for the award that have fewer than 500 followers.
  4. Create 11 questions (or less) for your nominees.
  5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.
  6. Display the Liebster Award logo on your page.
  7. List these rules on your post.


Karin’s Questions

Do you have any middle names?


What’s your favourite Disney movie of all time? (I assume everyone has seen at least one Disney movie in their lives)

The Emperor’s New Groove

If you could have any pet you want, what would it be and what would you name it?

A dragon would be great; I’d probably call it Smaug. but I guess if we want to be realistic, I’d want a Shiba Inu and/or a black cat.

What does your living room look like? (Bonus points for pictures!)

I don’t really have one. :/

Best monsters: werewolves, vampires, or zombies?

Werewolves! Because vampires and zombies are too overrated.

Do you enjoy playing (video/computer) games? What types of games do you like the most?

I like FPSs, but I also play a fair amount of Minecraft.

If you could be a fictional character for one day, who would you be and why?

Probably Smaug. Because who wouldn’t want to be a dragon?

Can you tell us about the best birthday you’ve ever had so far?

Probably that one where I went bowling and had a chocolate pancake for dinner. I can’t forget having a chocolate pancake for dinner.

Where would you go if you could be instantly teleported anywhere in the world right now?

I honestly can’t think of a great answer to this question. I have plenty of vague, open-ended ideas of places I want to live, and countries I’d like to visit, but I can’t really nail down any specific location I’d like to be in. For instance, I’m keen to visit New Zealand, Japan, and (Karin’s country) Sweden.

I’m Nominating…

Hev, Erin, and Liz.

My Questions

  1. If you had to choose, would you prefer a vacation in very hot or very cold location? (You can’t pick “warm”.)
  2. Which is best: Pudding, jelly (jello) or frozen yoghurt?
  3. If you had a superhero power, what would it be?
  4. What one thing does the world need more of?
  5. What one thing does the world need less of?
  6. What is the last thing or person you took a photo of?
  7. Google’s new logo, love it or hate it?
  8. If you could be on TV for any reason, what would that be?
  9. If you could be granted infinite amounts of one food, resource or material, what would that be?
  10. What is the most recent song that played on your radio or device?
  11. If you were given $5000 to donate to a charity, who would you give it to? (You can only pick one.)

Okay, done! Phew!

Don’t feel like you have to answer this if you don’t want to. And if you’re not nominated, but want to answer the questions feel free!

Review: The Niddrie Pizza

Let me start by saying, I don’t intend to become a food blogger… But something must be very special about this pizza if I’m still thinking about it days later, and feeling prompted to write a blog post. (Maybe I should be leaving a public review on Facebook and/or Zomato.)

Niddrie is a small suburb north-west of Melbourne, and here you’ll find Pizzeria Antichi Sapori, a family-run pizza restaurant. They didn’t have many options on the menu, apart from pizza, but they had some delicious home-made aranchini which was like nothing I’ve had before! In other words, I usually find aranchini to be pretty bland, but this one was bursting with flavour! However, I think the “Niddrie” pizza stole the show here. Meaty eggplant, soft and melty (not sticky) cheese, tomato sauce that tastes like tomato, and a very savory base/crust with just enough crunch.


Mouth-watering Niddrie pizza, and a tasty rocket salad in the background. Am I making you hungry? Sorry. (Not sorry.)

The staff were very friendly and responsive, and not all in your face, which I guess happened to be because we were there on a quiet night.

10/10. Would eat here again.