Is this the worst of your trolling?

Fragh: Have I mentioned that I love thunder storms and going to sleep listening to rain on a tin roof.
Me: no, you didn’t mention that

Fragh: Currently can’t hear the radio over the rain.
Fragh: and I think the lights just flicked
Fragh: Going to save my work now
Fragh: Ah, Melbourne… If an advanced race landed here they couldn’t really be blamed for assuming that somewhere a small child is playing with a weather control device.
Me: Or the world is about to end
Fragh: I’d prefer to think that if that were the case then they’d be smart enough not to land in the first place.
Me: I’d prefer to think they knew better and not land at all
Fragh: Plus, there are still a few months left for the 2012 believers to prove themselves right.
Fragh: You’re right.
Fragh: We have to discover warp travel first.
Fragh: and I don’t think that’s going to happen for a while.
Me: so how is the storm going?
Fragh: What storm?
Fragh: I don’t remember mentioning any storm?
Fragh: Perhaps the small child got bored?
Me: … was it my imagination?
Fragh: Maybe
Fragh: Do you normally have an over-active imagination?
Me: Is this the worst of your trolling? Or can it go further?
Fragh: What’s trolling?
Me headdesk
Fragh: *mission accomplished*

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