New Theme – Elfwink Green

Regular visitors may have noticed already, however, I thought I’d make a formal announcement of the new theme!

It’s something that has been bugging me for a while. For the most part of last year I was using a premade theme, then at some point I coded my own with a random colour palette from Coolors. I really wasn’t happy with it, and the longer it stayed up, the more it bugged me.

The only thing I liked was the typography of the main section, so I kept that.

Next Steps

So next, I had a think about what I wanted for the new theme.

I knew I wanted a proper design for Elfwink. Up until now, Elfwink’s appearance has been limited to a square avatar made with a generator (which I believe is gone) and my Gaia Online avatar.

I went and waited patiently for Jowan’s commission slots to open up, provided some guidelines and references. Here’s the result!

I am super happy with this design of course! 🥰 It’s everything I imagined Elfwink to be. I was initially provided with the red scarf version, but decided to change it to green to better match the colour scheme.

Theme Preview

Website Credits

Here are the credits as they currently appear under the Credits heading of Start Here. If I ever change theme, then that page should be updated to suit.

Anyway, let me know what you think of it. (If you’re here at the point when comments have closed, you can send me an email instead.)

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