Littlest Pet Shop Collection

I was roughly 6 years old when the Littlest Pet Shop toys by Kenner came out in 1992. The first pets I remember getting were several dogs, a bunny, and mice. Almost all pets were designed in some way to perform a trick or action. For example, a magnet contained within a brush was used to make a dog wag its tail.

Back in 2011, two horrible things motivated me to sell my collection: That I was too old for toys, and that I needed cash. 😭

But now, I’m working my way back!

Below is what I currently have, and pets I’m seeking.

Pets in My Collection

Not for sale.

Ready to Go Pets – Happy Puppy (1992)
Pet Presents – Playful Puppies in their Puppy Basket (1992)
Pet Presents – Marching Mice With Magic Maze (1992)
Ready to Go Pets – Frisky Kitty with Cozy Carrier (1992)
Mommy & Baby Puppies (1992)
Ready to Go Pets – Color Change Chameleon in Cactus Cove (1992)
Ready to Go Pets – Bashful Bunny (1992)
Zoo Indian Ponies (1993)

Pets Most Wanted

My Real Pets – Clever Collie with Puppy Pillow (1994)*
Ready to Go Pets – Hurrying Hamsters with Hamster House (1992)*

*Indicates photo from Vintage LPS Collector website. (This is not a pet I’ve previously owned.)

Previously Owned:

  • Ticklish Toucan with Cozy Cage (1992)
  • Color Change Chameleon in Cactus Cove (1992)
  • Frisky Kitty with Cozy Carrier (1992)
  • Perky Pup with Cozy Crate (1993)
  • Busy Hamsters with Jogging Wheel (1993)
  • Jolly Toucan with Pretty Perch (1993)
  • Cutesy Kittens with Kitten Playhouse (1992)
  • Puppy Pals with Playhouse (1992)
  • Magic Monkeys with Treehouse (1992)
  • Jogging Gerbils with Gerbitrail (1992)
  • Mommy & Baby Puppies (1992)
  • Mommy & Baby Kitties (1992)
  • Mommy & Baby Bunnies (1992)
  • Prize Winning Pups (1993)
  • Splash Happy Puppies (1993)
  • Zoo Polar Pets (1993)
  • Zoo Baby Tiger (1993)
  • Zoo Baby Zebra (1993)
  • Zoo Baby Bobcat with Mountain Den (1993)
  • Zoo Baby Bobcat with Mountain Den – Euro Variant (1993)
  • Zoo Honey Bear with Cozy Cave (1993)
  • Sleek Siamese with Scratching Post (1994)
  • Pet Shop Playset (1992)

Sell Me Your Pets!

Also, I am interested in just about any of the Kenner Littlest Pet Shop sets from 1992 onward. If you have any that you are looking to sell, please feel free to get in touch.