Leaving? Well, here’s a list of other websites I like to visit; including blogs and community websites I like to hang out at.


♥ Karin (Imaginary Karin)  ♥ Jane (Janepedia)  ♥ Kya (Moonstone)  ♥ Deanna (Stubborn Ox)  ♥ Hev (Tiger Whispers)  ♥ Wil (  ♥ Nicole (Nicole Jeanette)  ♥ Megan (Entrial Tales)  ♥ Heather (Just Geeking By)  ♥ Megan (A Geeky Gal)

Artists I follow

  • Juimon
  • Miss Mab (website is no longer updated, but I’m very fond of the art)

Favourite YouTubers

Online communities


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