Life in Lockdown, August 2020

A summary of things I’ve been doing while Melbourne has been in lockdown. Being stuck inside my home doesn’t mean life has to be boring.


My aikido classes continue, albeit changed to a degree. I stopped attending for a while while I was moving house, and figuring out where to put things. For now, my shugyo space (shugyo being an intense training or practice one does on their own) or “dojo” is the downstairs courtyard. Which means that I can only comfortably train when it isn’t wet.

In future, I would like to have a dojo space set up in the garage. Currently, the garage is full of junk from the previous house (from previous tenants) that I was obliged to remove.

Video Chat & Online Games

For a while I struggled to get friends together online. Where there is a will, there’s a way! I now have a regular group of friends down for a chat and/or game. Of recent, there have been games of Jackbox and Codewords (an online version of the Codenames board game).

I’ve also been irregularly playing Worms Armageddon online with another friend.

Plant Care

Being at home all the time has allowed me to provide more attention to my plants.

Pictured here is a snake plant (what I think is a snake plant anyway), a kind of succulent… I think.

I’m trying to nurse it into better health. I believe its leaves are supposed to stand more upright.

Also, I’m presently dealing with fungus gnats, which I’m not sure are visible in the photo.

Online Wine Tasting

Recently my company organised an online wine tasting session with the seller and grower of a particular bottle of wine. We were hand delivered a bottle of wine from the seller, and we got to learn about the wine and winemaker (who dialed in from Italy) over video conference.

It was actually kinda fun, and something I recommend as a lockdown activity.

Over to you! Is there anything new, or different you are doing in lockdown? Anything you’ve changed to suit the situation.

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