Know thy Enemy: Instant Coffee

Note: Caffeine is not the enemy. Caffeine is safe in moderation, unless your doctor has advised you not to consume it.

instant coffee

You are going to get mixed opinions on whether or not freshly brewed coffee is good or bad for you. In my mind, it’s about as nutritiously beneficial or harmful as chocolate.

I generally have no ill effects after consuming freshly ground or capsule coffee. (Capsule coffee, it’s bad, I know – I want to talk about this in another entry.) When I drink instant (freeze dried) coffee, whatever unpleasant thoughts I may think will become 1000 times worse. So I stopped. Because, I get really irritable, and find it difficult to fall asleep. Within 12 hours of drinking my last cup of instant coffee, I noticed about 95% of my anxious thoughts go away. Within 24 hours, I find my mood is generally better.

instant coffee (freeze dried), the enemyWhat’s in this instant coffee that makes it so bad? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out because the product label has no ingredients list! This was such a shock! And it made me think: Maybe I shouldn’t consume it if I don’t know what’s in it! I could be drinking battery acid, or kitten whiskers for all I know!

Organic? “Organic” can really mean anything. It may have met the “organic” criteria at some point in its life, but then what happened during the process of turning beans into granules? What chemicals and processes were added to the mix? You could almost call it fossilised coffee! Yeah, I’m going to call it that from now on.

There is that factor that there could be less caffeine, so you need to drink more cups, and thus more exposure to weird chemicals. I didn’t feel like digging too deeply on the internet for information, but I found this:

Caffeine is not necessarily dangerous and in fact it renders a handful of health benefits. However, since instant coffee has considerably less caffeine than its freshly brewed counterpart, it’s easy to end up consuming more caffeine than is recommended, which can subsequently result in irritability, palpitations, and insomnia.

…Moreover, individuals with performance social anxiety disorder and panic disorder appear to be especially prone to caffeine’s anxiety-inducing effect.

Source: “Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid: Negative Effects of Instant Coffee”, Superhuman Coach. Date accessed: 26 of July, 2015

So, fossil coffee, I think I’m going to eject you from my life. (Except on rare occasions when I’m at a friends’ house and need to drive home late.) I don’t think I will ever give up all coffee. I intend to drink it (takeaway, plunger, or pod) on some mornings when I need a perk up, or if I want a warm drink to go with dessert.

Photo of instant coffee grains by Chris RubberDragon

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  1. Sarah on

    I don’t drink coffee so I can’t really comment on how it makes me feel but good on you for cutting back on it 🙂 I had to do that with Hot Chocolate, at one point I was buying it every day so now I try and have it at most once a week.

    As for ‘organic’ food, my understanding is there isn’t much in the way of regulation on what can be considered organic food and can be misleading. A good article is:

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