Internet Nostalgia Inspired Things

October and November have been crazy/busy months. I had a bit of an itch to scratch – creating some things inspired by the internet of the past. So I took a break from work to do that!

New pixel art

I have created a few new pixel art images. I was considering a mini-site to house all of this, but at the same time, was concerned about getting carried away with too many mini sites!

black cat tuxedo cat white cat

kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani
kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani
kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani

kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani kao ani

final fantasy moogle

Except where specified, all pixel art on this website is made by me, from scratch. (For instance, the tiny cats use a base made by Sqdpxl.)

Also, except where specified, you may “adopt” pixel art as “toys” on your website. You are not allowed to make changes or offer my pixel art as a resource for other’s.

New fanlisting

I used to run several back in the day. Now I’ve decided to start one up.

It’s for the Spyro video game series. At time of writing this blog, it is still awaiting approval from The Fanlistings Network.

New clique

I also have created a web clique. It’s called G.R.I.T. (which stands for Give Respect to Independent Talent). Its goal is to promote asking permission and giving credit for creative work that is not yours. (Specifically, in the context of making websites and online projects.)

And… a webring!

I have been displaying this on the top of my home page, for attention!

Webrings were popular on websites in the 1990s. They were a great way to join together websites of a specific fandom or theme. Back in the day, directories weren’t really a thing, and search engines kinda sucked.

Anyway, I have created Netizens Ring to join together those with personal websites. It is open to anyone, anywhere – as long as the website isn’t a business one and isn’t offensive to anyone.

And finally… some buttons you can “steal”!

These little 80×15 buttons were proudly on display on blogs in the early 2000s. Often they were there to indicate a site was built with “valid” HTML, or to show what software the website owner used.

I have made a bunch, and you are welcome to steal (no need to ask) and do whatever you like with them (except hotlink).

It appeared they went out of fashion around the time smartphones came out. During this time, tiny pictures didn’t render well on mobile screens.

3 comments on “Internet Nostalgia Inspired Things

  1. Megan on

    Man I miss stuff like this. Especially pixel art. I used to make a bunch for my sites. Used to have looooads of fantlistings as well, and one clique for a while. Never tried web rings though. I do miss this stuff though. Makes me wanna do some… XD

  2. Kassy on

    It’s fantastic to read this post and be reminded of so many wonderful things. Your pixels are so cute and I love the fanlisting for Spyro! The clique, webring and buttons are all brilliant!

    Fanlistings are great! They bring back so many memories for me. I made so many friends (that I still have today) and found a love of creating websites.


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