Hey, hello, hi

I’ve had a desire for a while to get back into blogging. For several reasons…

  • The act of maintaining a website is enjoyable for me.
  • I need a place to get my thoughts, feelings, and opinions out.
  • I want to feel heard and connected to people. (It goes without saying that I will do my best to return a comment with a comment. 😊 )

Life since I last blogged

I’ll be going over this in more detail over future blog posts. What I will say is that the last 1 and 1/2 years have been overall quite good.

I have a full time job I enjoy. I live in a nice suburb. I have a nice boyfriend. I have new friends (who conveniently all live in the same house). I have a new car. 😊 I’m also finding joy in a hobby I previously dropped (aikido – And well… I’m doing my best, considering I struggle with certain exercises due to weak muscles.

Going forward from here, I’m not really sure what to expect out of blogging. I can see that a few personal blogs I used to visit are still around. Which is nice to see.

Some domains I used to own include un-ordinary.net, ninetailed.net, lekku.net/.org, and agmyst.net (there were more but some didn’t last very long)

If you remember me, let me know. Or if you’re new to my slice of the internet, welcome! 🤗

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I'm the author of this blog! Gender non-conforming digital specialist and aikidoka; Lover of pizza and ramen; On a journey of personal growth, and being kind to our planet.
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