Games Played This Month (March 2020)

This was not as much of a game filled month as I hoped. However, I scored a very nice freebie.

Jill of the Jungle Trilogy (PC)

At time of writing this, Jill of the Jungle is currently available for free on GOG. (You do need an account on that website to get it. Heh, I only signed up so I could add to the petition asking for The Sims to be re-released.)

There is really little to this game. It’s about a beautiful woman, who lives in the jungle, kills monsters, and lives off a diet of apples. (Ehh… 🤷‍♀️ it was 1992 and games were pretty simple back then.) Oh, and she can transform into animals at certain points of the game. In Episode 1, you get to be a fish, frog, or a flaming bird for a while. The fish and flaming bird are able to shoot unlimited projectiles. However, the fish cannot attack anything outside of water.

It would have been awesome if you could unlock cheats after beating the game that let you fly around as a flaming bird anywhere. Sadly, I don’t think these kind of things were considered in 1992.

Tabletop Simulator (PC, Steam)

In case you were ever wondering why you would want a virtual board game, when the IRL, tactile experience is much nicer… We have COVID-19. (I wonder how many times I can mention this virus in consecutive blog posts?)

In all seriousness though, there are often times when you want to play a board game with your friends, but it’s not possible. (E.g. away for work, housebound because of some other illness or injury, or they happened to have moved further away.)

I went through the trouble of setting up a mock game of Cataan, just so I could screenshot my avatar and screen name.

Many of the games available are submitted by community members, so it’s difficult to discern whether a virtual game experience will be good or not based on experiences of the physical game.

I find it overall a little buggy, and difficult to understand the user interface. But overall, it does what it’s supposed to. 👌 And it helps when you can also Skype or voice chat with your friends. I can forgive bugs and weirdness in games if there are people to chat with.

I have so far only played ‘The Settlers of Catan‘, but hope to try other board games sometime soon.

‘Fluxx’ and ‘Fluxx: Doctor Who’ (card games)

Last night (March 28th) it was Earth Hour – a time to turn off your lights for one hour in consideration of how we’re damaging the Earth. Since we are, at the moment, allowed to leave our homes, I spent the evening with Tom and we played these two games.

Fluxx is a game where the rules change as you play. To start with, each player is dealt three cards. Then each player and takes a turn drawing a card, and playing a card. There are several different cards you can play:

  • ‘Goals’ which are conditions you must meet.
  • ‘Keepers’ which are positive cards that help you achieve ‘Goals’.
  • ‘Creepers’ which are negative Keepers, that prevent you from winning ‘Goals’.
  • ‘Actions’ that let you do what the card says.
  • ‘Surprise’ which may let you perform an action outside of your turn, or otherwise interrupt another players ‘Action’.
  • And finally ‘Rules’, which immediately change the game rules once they are played on the table.

For instance, if someone plays a Rules card that says, “Draw three cards”, from then on, everyone must draw three instead of one. This continues on until that rule is replaced with another “Draw _ cards” or another card causes the rules to reset or cancel.

The experience of playing the game is quite random. It can sometimes take several turns for someone to win… Or someone could win quite early by sheer luck.

The ‘Fluxx’ series of games come in a variety of themes, except for the default, generic ‘Fluxx’. The Doctor Who version features various monsters, objects, characters (including versions of ‘The Doctor’) to work with in the game.

I enjoy bringing out either version of Fluxx if I want to have a quick game with one friend, or a group of 4-5.

Okay, I’m putting this post up earlier than usual this month. 😊 I’ve just had an itch to get new content up.

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  1. Megan on

    I haven’t played any of these myself. The board game one sounds cool if you want to play games like that with people you can’t at the time.

  2. Kassy on

    Jill of the Jungle looks slightly familiar. There is a chance I might have played it at some point, haha. It’s great that old games are available!

    Fluxx sounds interesting. You would never know what is going to happen!

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