Games Played This Month (April 2020)

Apart from Jackbox and Minecraft, which are regulars of mine, I only played one different game… That was Theme Hospital.

Theme Hospital is a game about running a hospital! In this game you need to micro manage… a lot. But this is great for me, because I enjoy the feeling of control. I also enjoy coming up with optimal ways of laying out rooms and working out the best way to run the hospital.

Theme Hospital

(Essentially, it’s a good idea to always train doctors if you can. Get cheap, inexperienced doctors and train them. Also, have more toilets and seating than you think you need.) 😀

Way back when this originally came out, I believe I only had the demo version. I would play the same level over and over again. It was tough to get new computer games back then, as they were priced out of what we could afford.

Theme Hospital is an old game, made in the 1990s. It can be purchased pretty inexpensively from GOG – a website which offers many great old games!

It has lots of weird and quirky diseases, which often involve strange machines to cure them. For instance, a machine that inflates and pops a swollen head! Gah.

This game is good for those who like to micro manage and be amused by fictional diseases.

Is this a game you remember from long ago? Or new to you? Let me know in the comments!

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