Followup on RUMPs

A few months ago, I decided to switch to reusable menstrual products (RUMPs). How is it going?

Well, like the majority who switch, I’ve decided I don’t want to go back! I have so far tried two different cups, the Lunette cup size 2 (large), and the Ruby Cup small. The Lunette cup is proving great on my heavy days and overnights, while the Ruby Cup is good on my light days. I used to find bloody patches on my bed in the mornings, but now that only happens rarely, if the air holes happen to be blocked (and I sleep in).

I have tried a few different cloth pads, but cups are definitely the winner. I tried an “overnight” cloth pad, but woke up in a wet puddle. 🙁

What I like the most is that cups are easier to wash than pads – a lot easier. Also, you can put them in and forget they are there, and not feel bad about sitting on wet gunk.

It took me a few tries to get used to placing the cup correctly. If you do it wrong, the discharge will simply run down the side and not into the cup – fortunately that only happened once, and I had a heavy pad on as backup.


Additionally, I have been using cloth panty liners from my favourite Etsy seller, Gypsy Heart, as backup. It just happened that her star liners are the right design for me, and that her fabric choices are super cute. She almost always includes a sample of amazing tea with her parcels. 🙂 Above is a picture of Pukka star anise & cinnamon tea.

In conclusion, RUMPs are awesome and you should try them! 😀 Please don’t be put off by the expensive price of menstrual cups – save up and buy yourself a good quality one! I think AUD$50-60 is a fine investment towards something you can re-use for years!

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  1. Liz on

    I’m still nervous about using menstrual cups. :s I read that practicing on “dry runs” is best, though, so…I plan to do that once our relatives are moved into their new house, just because our water bill is probably high enough; it doesn’t need me spending an extra ten minutes (or possibly longer) just trying to get it out. (Apparently, freaking out only makes the agony worse.) I use the Instead Softcup, but…that’s different.

    The absorbencies on cloth pads are so different. I love Tree Hugger Cloth Pads, because they’re quite generous in that department (#heavybleeder). My overnight one from them didn’t work for the first night, though; I’d need, like, to sleep in the tub (I guess) for that. I’m going to try to increase my iron intake, though, because I read that that helps anemics with heavy menstrual cycles and with blood clotting, and that…that is what I greatly lack. 😒

    I don’t really think the pads are too hard to clean, but everyone’s different. 🙂

    I did have to go back to disposables once, because I ran out of clean pads, and 😒 I definitely didn’t miss them. o.-

    Question, though: How do you not have to deal with a blood bath on your hands with menstrual cups? I know they’re different from Softcups, but…I can’t help wondering how to not have that problem with cups, especially since you probably have to pinch it a little to get it out?

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