The Sun, is bullshit

Captain Datsun: Let me take this opportunity to warn you that the Sun, and everything about it, is bullshit.
Me: Wait what? Please explain further!
Captain Datsun: The part of the game I’m working on the moment is the campaign map, a virtual city with a real-time clock and whatnot, right? Well I’ve created the Sun. And it is bullshit. I just can’t get it to stick to the 24 hour cycle. I’m not completely retarded, it’s an issue to do with framerates not being stable etc.
Captain Datsun: But the Sun has now become my chief enemy in life.
Me: LOL. Well… there must be another way… right?
Captain Datsun: Louise, I may have to kill the Sun.
Me: B…b…but…. Ok, fine.

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