Environment & Sustainability Article Roundup, September 2019

Bellow is a collection of articles I’ve read this month that are related to saving the environment and sustainability. (Except for the LEGO article, but I found that before I started making these collections.

ANU article: Melbourne’s water supply under threat

This has me very concerned because fresh water supply is one of the least talked about environmental issues. Wildfires and over-forestation are putting the Mountain Ash trees under threat. These trees provide almost all drinking water to Melbourne, and are an important carbon store.

Source: Imminent forest collapse threatens Melbourne’s water supply, Australian National University – 1 May 2018

Bees are important

I am glad that it’s being acknowledged that bees are an important part of forming food sources for humans.

Source: The Bee Is Declared The Most Important Living Being On The Planet, Physics And Astronomy Zone – 4 July 2019

Ballarat not accepting glass for recycling

Not great at all! I would prefer to see glass reused or recycled if possible. (Actually, I’ve seen a really great use for wine and beer bottles that I’d like to share with you in an upcoming post.)

Source: Ballarat enters contract with Australian Paper Recovery, Waste Management Review – 20 September 2019

LEGO making bricks from renewable sources

Good on you LEGO! Although they aren’t using sustainable resources for all of their bricks, this is a step in the right direction. I hope other toy manufacturers are inspired by this.

Source: LEGO Ideas Launches an Environmentally Friendly Treehouse, Eric Diaz – 23 July 2019

Over to you:

Have you come across any environmental articles that you appreciated? Or disliked? Let me know in the comments!

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