Daily Taiso Challenge

Hey folks. Since lockdown life has meant not moving very much + having a desk job – I’ve felt the desire to move my body around. So I’m going to give daily taiso a whirl!

I’ve found the aiki taiso (warmup calisthenics) done at the beginning of aikido helpful for warming and limbering up.

I also know for a fact that many Japanese schools, workplaces, and even some retirement homes make taiso part of their daily routine.

It really makes a lot of sense to me. Especially folks like me who have a desk job. Human bodies were meant for movement, not sitting in chairs.

So I am going to challenge myself over the next 30 days to do at least 5 minutes of taiso every morning, and 5 minutes during lunch break. (This is in addition to warmups during aikido classes.)

The routine I will do will include movements learned in aikido. So if you’d like to play along with me, I’d suggest ラジγ‚ͺ体操 (radio taiso), which is intended for the general public and doesn’t include aikido techniques.

It would be great if we could all incorporate this as part of our day. 😊

Note: I am considering making this a sharable 30-day-challenge thing, but not from this blog. I have a new niche blog in the works that is all about work from home life.

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One comment on “Daily Taiso Challenge

  1. Kadie on

    This is something I should look into. I am always sitting in a chair or on a couch due to many things including working from home, schooling from home, chronic pain & fatigue and I need to do some low impact exercises to help get back into the swing of things. No idea if daily taiso is low impact or not. I admit I know nothing about it. But I have seen on TV about Japanese schools and workplaces making things like that a part of their day and love the idea. I wish you luck!


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