Box Opening: MooGoo Skincare

I was very exited to receive my parcel from MooGoo skincare today!

A couple of years ago, I sought out an aluminum-free deodorant, because of the apparent health risks associated with the aluminum. I did a quick online search and decided to give MooGoo’s roll-on a try. The deodorant I ordered online came with a sample bottle of their milk wash (cleanser), which I find very soothing to use after hair removal (especially shaving). The deodorant is nice because it isn’t very pungent, and doesn’t irritate after underarm waxing. And the bottle lasts a long time – I’m still using the same bottle of roll-on after two years!

At the time I’m writing this, the weather has been getting very hot – So that means frequent leg shaving for me – and skin irritation. So I decided to order a proper bottle of their cleanser, and a spare bottle of deodorant while I was at it, and they threw in a couple of goodies.


The contents of my MooGoo box.

Usually they include at least one free sample in their order (I oped for the moisturiser), but they had a couple of seasonal specials: SPF 40 sunscreen, and face scrub (containing coffee!?) – So yay! This company is so awesome!

Also, I like what they did with their packaging…


This way up (or I’ll churn into butter)

Overall I’m very satisfied with the quality of these products, and the prices are very reasonable! I’m also happy to be supporting a local Aussie business! I realise that there are stockists in my local area, but I only found that out after my online purchase – Plus I don’t think I can get the free goodies unless I order online.

4 comments on “Box Opening: MooGoo Skincare

  1. Liz on

    Are you going greener with your things?!

    Of course, once someone gets into RUMPs, they’re usually on the road to other products. XD

    MooGoo looks cute/has cute packaging! I’ve been considering a deodorant crystal, if only because I’m allergic to other deodorants? I’m so tired of all the itching.

    • Louise on

      I think some will argue that cows aren’t good for the environment… But I’m pretty sure the ingredients in these are all natural, and locally sourced. (Pretty sure the deodorant doesn’t contain cow’s milk.)

      I agree that their packaging is really cute, and all their products have cow-related names. 🙂

  2. Deanna on

    It’s so nice when you find a product that you just love so much. With eczema on my hands, I have to be careful with what kind of creams I use. I’m currently using Utterly Smooth Hand Cream which was originally used for dairy cows haha. It seems to help my hands better than anything else I’ve tried.

  3. Kya on

    That is really good that you found something that works well and isn’t packed with nasties! It’s also great that they are local and you got some freebies. 😀

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