Australian Teabag Matcha!

Notice: I’m not getting paid to write this post. I’m just really excited to find matcha at the local supermarket!

Okay, it’s not 100% matcha, it’s a sencha blend, but it still has the bitter-with-a-hint-of-sweetness taste that I love. It also makes the tea a nice green colour.

It’s Ito En Australian Green Tea!

It’s everything I love about Japanese green tea, in teabag form! I can pick it up at the local Coles supermarket, rather than having to trek out to a specialist tea shop or Japanese goods store. I also love that the tea plant is farmed in Australia (so it means Aussies get jobs!) and processed in Japan (so we know it’s authentically made!)

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4 thoughts on “Australian Teabag Matcha!

  1. Ito En is great! I love that there’s an affordable tea option that’s actually Japanese. Maeda-en is another great company. They make really delicious green tea ice cream as well!

  2. That is cool. I might have to try one. 😀 My mum just loves leaf tea, but it can’t hurt to try something new. 😉

  3. Ooh, this sounds great! All I drink is tea and I am trying to broaden my horizons by trying different flavors, brands, etc. I’ll definitely see if I can find this here!

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