Australia on Fire, and Divided

My response to the natural disaster happening right now.

I’m sorry if you feel overwhelmed by all the news about the bushfires and climate change. But in case you haven’t noticed, Melbourne is surrounded by farmland, bush and forest. The latter aren’t up for protection just because people love nature – trees are an important part of rain formation and capturing carbon dioxide. If trees go away, we will have sabotaged our air and water.

What I propose we do is that we all prepare to get simple and get smarter.

I realise that “big corporations” are responsible for their impact on the environment. But although I don’t know enough about which brand is connected to what, ultimately we consume the goods and services offered by these big corporations. Believe what you want, but I believe if we consume less and make smarter choices, we’ll reduce demand.

I mean, and I don’t know about you, but I question a lot what we have around. Wasn’t there a time in history when we were fine without all this stuff?We are either working together, or working against each other.

Consume less. Share tools with your neighbour. Educate each other.

This is about sending a message that, united, we want a country and Earth that we can enjoy living on.

The Divided Community

I feel the need to say all of this, because I feel the sense of community in this country is shattered. People come from all around the world to live in Australia. But thanks to mainstream media and general negative attitudes, there’s a sense of belligerence to the “other” people.

A Muslim, a Jew, a Christian, a Hindu, a Pagan and an Atheist all walk into a coffee shop… And they talk, laugh, do henna, and become good friends. – It’s not a joke. It’s what happens when you’re not an asshole.


My belief is that people will be nice if you treat them nicely. A large portion of the fear of the “other” people is manufactured so that people in power can get their way.

So now, people are divided on background, beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity…

As a divided community we can’t be strong together. We can only be ruled by fear.

But if we believe in the goodness of people and band together, then maybe we can make a difference.

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2 comments on “Australia on Fire, and Divided

  1. Deanna on

    I hope you are right. I feel like I try my best not to buy things I don’t need and recycle what I have. But it really doesn’t feel like it makes a difference.

    • Louise on

      Thank you!

      It’s tough to have conversations with people about these things. People are already doing as much as they can, or they don’t care.

      This year Tom and I are doing better by purchasing less take out, and less booze. I’m considering learning to ride a bike, or offering my car for ride share/carpool. (But not for Uber or anything like that.)

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