Remembering the Q*Bee

I’m putting together this post on the off chance a former Quilting Bee member stumbles across this. 🐝

I was a member of the pixel trading club sometime around 2008.

qbee pixel trading club

For those who don’t know, it was kind of like a mini network/community of personal website owners. We’d get together on the Bee-Bee-S (forums), trade pixel graphics (patches), and it was a great way to explore other’s websites and make friends.

Not all members were pixel artists, but it was possible to get started and participate in special events by making use of template graphics.

It was one of the few times I felt like I had an online place to belong to. (The only other time I felt this way was in a community I joined earlier in my life. It was called Mochi Mansion, and was a great space for people with overlapping interest in anime and video games.)

Earlier this year, Jem started working on a revival of The Quilting Bee’s website. Not much has happened since then. Though since I found some old Q*Bee content on a backup drive, that might change… 😊

If you were a member of the Q*Bee, please feel free to shout out. Do you miss the Q*Bee? Have any great memories?

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