Review of Spyro Action Figure by NECA

In this video I review the Spyro action figure by NECA. Squee! This is a dream come true for 13 year old me! To the best of my knowledge, this is the first proper collectable, articulated toy of Spyro (aside from fast food toys) that isn’t a plushy.


Hello hello and welcome to my review of the NECA Spyro action figure!

One thing that I’d like to point out, which most YouTubers have failed to mention is that you may receive your Spyro with his feet on the incorrect joints – as you can see on mine.

So as soon as I took my Spyro out of the package I sought to correct this.

Fixing Spyro’s foot issue:

The Spyro figure by NECA has his feet on the wrong spots!
Spyro’s front and back feet were incorrectly placed on the wrong joints. This is apparently common for this figure.

In order to achieve the foot swap, I sat Spyro in front of a room heater for a minute or so – then I was able to gently twist off his feet. And with a bit of convincing place them back on the correct ball joints.

Review of sculpt and paint detail:

Now then, I really really appreciate the work that went into this figure. I can’t really observe any faults in the sculpt or the paintwork. And I love how the artist used washes I love the bumps on his skin and the grooves in his horns – it’s very nice detailing.

Some of the joints are a bit stiff particularly his wings, however I don’t intend to pose him very much. He is going to be proudly on display either in my room or on my desk at work. I haven’t decided yet. And I must admit that this is something that I’ve wanted ever since the original Spyro games came out. To the best of my knowledge we never really received any decent Spyro toys here in Australia.

Cost and miscellaneous comments about the figure:

I do feel the price I paid was a little too much but on this occasion I was won over by nostalgia. Hey at least I’m being honest.

By the way I currently own very few pop-culture toys. I hope to goodness is this the last action figure I get sucked into buying, because this sort of thing goes heavily against my desire to do good for the planet and buying less plastic.

Anyway I also apologise for the dullness of the video – I filmed this with my phone – I really just wanted to get the message out there about how much I liked this. And I hope this helps you in your decision to pick up this figure for your collection if you happen to be interested.

Thank you for watching and take care.

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