Respect Artists – Stop Bootlegs

This has been cross-posted to my BJD Tumblr blog and private Facebook page. I normally keep doll-related matters separate, but the respect for artists (or lack thereof) is something very close to my heart. Artists matter to me, and they deserve to be paid for their time and effort.

Oh my gosh. I know not all of you are into expensive toys, but these dolls are made by small, family-run businesses who take pride and care in what they do. The dolls are made in limited quantities. Every doll is a work of art. I have the highest respect for these artisans. The dolls are not only very pretty, but some clever engineering needs to go in to make them pose-able too.

It really hurts when someone else can take a quick mold of someone else’s artwork, just to make a quick buck.

It breaks my heart into a million pieces when the people who purchase the bootleg dolls flip their middle finger and say, “F*** you! I’ll spend my money where I want.” That’s basically saying, “F*** artisans!” (Yes, they do this publicly on YouTube and such.)


This was originally posted on Iplehouse’s website.

Hello, this is Iplehouse.

Today we want to talk about recast problem. We have been suffering from this illegal activity for few years. We tried various ways to stop recast with help from Korean/Chinese government, and FBI. Unfortunately we haven’t found a way to block them 100% but we will keep trying to eradicate recast until it is all gone.

Recently we found out that there are some people who are trying to recast our new pet doll, panther. We are shocked by how easy to order a recast and how openly it is discussed without any guilt. We put a lot of effort and resources to develop this new doll and it was just released a few days ago and already some people are talking about recast. Current situation is making us really frustrated and affecting our creativity and our company fundamentally.

As many of you already know, Iplehouse is a small boutique company organized by few artists. Most of our staffs engage in creative work and we need your support and help to keep on developing new dolls. We want to ask you to take just 1 minute and think about how it will affect us before discussing or ordering illegal products.

Finally to thank customers who ordered our original panther, we prepared a little gift. Put our Iplehouse necklace on your panther to show your support and love for Iplehouse and please share the photo with people around you.

Thank you for your time and support.

So in order for the company to put out a letter like this, it must mean that the problem is very serious.

Artisans deserve to be paid where due. They don’t deserve someone else making a profit on something they worked hard on. The dolls are expensive for a reason, because they are very delicate to make, and are not mass-produced in a huge factory. Just because you can’t afford the price, it doesn’t entitle you to screw artists over. If you can’t afford, save up, or don’t buy!

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