Loving Your Feet

Feet. Eww! I know right. Those smelly, not-so-pretty things at the end of your legs. Why the lack of love?

I mean, I think we take feet for granted. We stand on them all day long, trap them inside shoes without air or light.

Today I was supervising a little girl who was having a hard time putting her tightly-fitting shoes back on. She was obviously in pain, embarrassed and frustrated about the difficulty. Her elder sister looked on without raising concern, as if it putting on uncomfortable shoes is a normal part of life. Her mother came by later, rolled her eyes, and said…

“It’s just shoes.” said the mother.

Dear child, time to get used being a lady. It’s a lifetime of painful feet.

Yeah… No…

This is not the kind of attitude towards feet that I want to teach the next generation.

I cannot accept "pain is normal" for women and femme people. (But hey, you do you!)

And… Well, I don’t want to see our future selves like this:

Who will save you if you can’t save yourself?

Look at those widdle feet! I mean… Yeah, this isn’t a great example. But it seems as though how you look means more than your health. And you know, we’ll all be on levitating chairs someday, so I guess feet don’t matter, right?

I dunno. Maybe someone else out there gives a damn about the part of their body that keeps them up and moving their whole lives.

Maybe your health will be better if you take care of the body part that holds up the rest of your body... Just a thought.

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