Are Conversations Dead?

Is this just a symptom of the COVID-19 pandemic? Or have people just lost interest in talking?

It seems kinda ironic – I mean, my neurological dysfunction makes it a challenge for me to communicate verbally. The same condition also makes it difficult for me to be at noisy, crowded parties.

But lately the Corona-induced isolation has highlighted something I have been craving for a while: A sit down and a good quality talk.

Mmmn. Yeah, even before this pandemic broke out into Australia, it kinda seemed like everyone was too busy with life for a chat. Everyone just zombified after their busy day/week at work.

It bothers me a lot that the only person who’ll initiate a conversation to see how my day is going is my boyfriend. Is that just how it is now? The only person you talk to is your S-O?

Are we not social animals?

What’s going on?

Is there a secret, anti-Louise club that I haven’t been invited to? (Of course, if there is, I wouldn’t have been told about it 🙃 )

Why can’t I just sit down and shoot the shit with anyone besides Tom?

has facebook killed meaningful conversation
Comic source: shoebox.

Has social media killed the art of conversations?

Maybe I have to remind myself that interactions with people online will never make up for interactions with people I see in person. (Webcam is doing pretty okay though.)

And those seem to be dead. Long dead. No one has the time anymore for a conversation.

Maybe I should suck it up and buy Animal Crossing – or continue playing The Sims. That seems to be how kids these days are getting their social interaction fix…