Last updated on 1/Aug/2019

My name is Louise. I’m a non-binary person from Melbourne, Australia. I go by Elfwink online. You may use either feminine or neutral pronouns when speaking about me. (She/her/they/them.)

By day, I produce WordPress websites for small businesses all around the country. By night, I’ll either be practicing aikido, planning the next Conquest, or curled up with pizza, wine, Netflix, and my dear companion – It’s quite flip-floppy between active and lazy, but that’s how I roll!

I get told that I’m quiet, but also a funny person. I’m introverted, and my preferred way to communicate is through typed words – although, that doesn’t mean I despise or avoid verbal communication. I do enjoy a good, meaningful conversation as well.

If you’re interested, I have a web design blog over at Hey, Louise, where I share advice, tips, and “how-to” articles.

About the Blog

This is essentially a niche-less blog. It’s a bit of everything me; lifestyle choices, random silly quotes from my friends, life updates, restaurant reviews, etc. You’ll also see posts about eco-friendly products and my progress in aikido.

The name “path to harmony” was chosen because, for me, the journey of self discovery means coming into alignment or harmony with the self. The journey of self discovery travels a path with no end.

Website credits

The font used for my site title is Wildwest by trustha. Occasionally I’ll use some abstract wavy line background on post thumbnails, which are from Landscapes by Colorpong.