About Me

This page was last updated on the 18th of September, 2020.

My name is Louise. I’m from Melbourne, Australia.

I’m female, but I don’t conform to typical female roles. I participate in martial arts (aikido), wear gender neutral outfits, love sci-fi and couldn’t care less about makeup, handbags or shoes. She/her pronouns are fine.

By day, I’m a digital marketing specialist. I help businesses show up (and show up well!) on Google. I built my first website using Netscape Composer in 1996. And I’ve been professionally developing WordPress websites since around 2012.

By night, I’ll either be practicing aikido, planning the next Conquest (tabletop gaming convention in Melbourne), playing a game, watching anime, or eating something tasty with my dear companion.

I collect manaki neko, own BJDs (but don’t actively collect), and spend a heap of my downtime watching science videos on YouTube. Also, I love 1990s-00s websites.

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Professional internet nerd, aikidoka, con-org, dinosaur fan.
The current mood of Elfwink at www.imood.com

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About the Blog

This is essentially a niche-less blog. It’s a bit of everything me; life updates, restaurant reviews, etc. You’ll also see posts about eco-friendly products and my progress in aikido.

The name “path to harmony” was chosen because, for me, the journey of self discovery means coming into alignment or harmony with the self. The journey of self discovery travels a path with no end…

… That and most of my past domains have been named after fictional worlds/characters/things, and so I wanted something that I wouldn’t get sick of.

I choose to maintain this blog because I want an online space where I can just be me.