80x15 - ‘Steal These’ Buttons

These little buttons were popular on blogs in the early 2000s. Often they were used to inform the website visitor of the blogger’s tech-saviness; that the website’s HTML code was “valid”.

The first known ‘Antipixel’ buttons originate from a blog of the same name. There was also a huge collection on George Taylor’s website. You can also find an archive on Príomh Ó hÚigínn’s Dribbble account.

They may have gone out of fashion, but I still think they’re cool.

Below are some I’ve made. Feel free to steal them, recolour them, edit them. I don’t mind.

I have one simple ask: Don’t hotlink. That means don’t link the image source to pathtoharmony.net, but rather upload to your own image storage. (Upload to something like Imgur if you must.)



Character Alignment

Queer Identity


Other Websites With Similar Buttons