4 Years of RUMPs

This is a requested followup post to Switching to Reusable Menstrual Products and Followup on RUMPs.

I go into a fair bit of detail in this article. So if periods are TMI for you, you might want to skip this piece.

This is your last chance to get out of this period-related article! I am warning you! (GIF by Natalie Byrne.)

I’m not sure what exactly led me to the discovery of reusable menstrual products. I knew that disposable pads were very wasteful… and uncomfortable.

So over the past four years, I have given cloth pads, cups, and period underwear a try. How did it go?

Cloth Pads

When I started out, I thought that cloth pads would be my main go. This is because the idea of having something inside my body felt intrusive (I have never used tampons). I’m not sure what changed my mind and led me to try cups, but I’ll talk about these further on.

I thought cloth pads would be super neat to own, and comfy. I imagined they’d be like wearing an extra layer of underwear, and be easy to wash. Cloth pads are now my least preferred kind of RUMPs. I find them a nuisance to wash… Plus I feel a bit ashamed leaving them out to dry in a shared house. (Hey, that’s menstrual taboo for you.)

The cloth pads that I’ve purchased are now stained beyond hope. I’m gradually removing them from my drawer (except for liners, which can help as a backup in case my cup leaks) in favour of period underwear instead.

cloth panty liners, a kind of RUMP
Some of my cloth panty liners from GypsyHeartStore. (Before they were worn!)

Menstrual Cups

Cups are now my primary tool for collecting my monthly flow. For these reasons:

  • If inserted correctly, you don’t feel it there.
  • It’s great to be able to dispose of fluids in the toilet, and not have to worry about stain removal.
  • I also like that cups are easy to care for, and don’t take up much storage space.

It took some trial and error in order to find the right fit, get it inserted correctly, and work out optimal times to empty and reinsert. In all I have tried three kinds of cup:

  • Ruby Cup (small) – My first cup, which is now my most used (and most stained*) cup. I find it the most comfortable and leaks the least.
  • Lunette (size 2) – This was my second cup, and is larger and firmer than the Ruby Cup. This cup occasionally worked well overnights and on heavy days, however it leaked more often than I could tolerate. I use it only occasionally on heavy days.
  • Lena Cup (large) – I bought this cup on sale a couple of years ago and was excited to hear it was co-designed by YouTuber, Precious Stars Pads (Briony). I have found it performs similarly to the Lunette; It needed to be put in “just right” so that it didn’t leak overnight.

I chose larger cups considering the volume of fluid on heavy days and overnight. However I believe they’re not working for me due to my anatomy.

Nowadays I have a good handle on menstrual cups, and will continue to use them. *However, plan to replace the stained Ruby Cup within the next year.

Period Underwear

Period underwear is something I’ve only recently invested in. This is due to them being relatively more expensive than reusable pads and cups. (In terms of effort as well as price. I mean, cups are easy to clean – cloth items require washing and time to dry.) But since starting a new full time job in 2018, I have a reasonable amount of disposable income available to try on new things.

What led me to give period underwear a try? I wanted something that would cover my whole butt area, regardless of which direction a leak occurred. Additionally, I don’t have to be too embarrassed about hanging them up in a shared house, as they look basically like ordinary underwear.

At the moment, period underwear is used on my heaviest days and/or when I’m practicing aikido.


After (almost) four years of using RUMPs I am 100% sure I won’t be going back to disposable menstrual products. 🙂

Over to you:

  • Have you tried any of the above menstrual products? Would you?
  • Do you feel comfortable talking about periods?

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2 comments on “4 Years of RUMPs

  1. Jane on

    I’ve not tried period underwear, but my most recent period, I started trying to get more comfortable with my menstrual cups — mostly because I like wearing leggings, but also because summertime and pads don’t mix well (it’s so freaking hot)…and because I gush and hate the feeling, and cups/discs don’t result in that! Just a blood bath.

    I’m more comfortable talking about periods than I used to be. I want to discuss them on my blog more, but it’s so difficult figuring out where to start!

    • Louise on

      That’s really great! I too feel really uncomfortable in pads during summer.

      Why not start with talking about periods as a taboo subject? (Actually, I kinda want to do that myself. 🙂 )

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