The road ahead for 2021

I’ve never really been one for resolutions.

The main issues are that I change my mind a lot.

(Warning: This post mentions female reproductive health.)

However, at some point last year, I came across a video on YouTube by CGP Grey, “Your Theme”. And I’m liking the idea of having a vague trend (or trends) to a year

2020’s theme: the side hustle

2020 started out with a desire to get better at my job and start a side hustle. However, COVID pretty much halted everything – like I assume it did for everyone else.

Besides, every time I sat down to research domain names or blog posts, I felt frustrated that I was eating into my leisure time. It was just like doing more of what I do at work. Besides, I would sometimes stay up super late to try and do something… But as I would already be mentally exhausted from the day, it would just be waddling around blog posts and YouTube for ideas.

I also looked into making designs for RedBubble… but somehow have it in my mind that you deal with taxes for every country that you sell in. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but it seemed like extra work that I don’t want to deal with. 🤷 It’s something I may revisit again if I get a better idea of how I’m supposed to manage the taxes and stuff.

In 2021 I’d still like to seek out something to generate more money on the side. I’m considering offering my car out for sharing (since I don’t drive it much anyway), and hope to report on how that goes.

For future plans (like 2022) I’m hoping Tom and I can move into a house that allows pets. Not so we can get a pet, but so we can sit and/or foster pets. It’d be like… having pets without the commitment and constant poo. Plus if it goes well, there’s pay! Just think about it! 😂

2021’s theme: health

I’m looking to gear this year mostly around physical and mental health. As it’s my hope that improving this will help raise up all the other areas I want to get better at.

Last year I thought I was doing okay with my lethargy and iron levels… But that was only because of me initially seeing a difference. In November I had my blood tested again, and my iron was still quite bad (as was my Vitamin D).

I’ve not had my blood looked at since then, but I went to see a different doctor (just a few days ago, at time of writing this) about contraception and we both agreed that stopping my periods would hold back the iron loss.

I’m likely going to give the NuvaRing a try. Even though it costs 10x as much as The Pill. I like the idea of just doing it once, and not having to worry about taking a pill every day. I’ve not taken any hormone contraception before, so I have no idea what effect this will have on me.

In other health things, as of recently, my mental health has been kinda grumbly. I can’t pin it on anything in particular. I’m hoping that more exercise, more fun things, and better iron levels will help.

I hope everyone reading this is safe and well. ✨

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