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Revisiting 2016’s Life Goals

Back in 2016 I created a list of goals I wished to had accomplished in that year, within five years, and within 10.

The years between 2003 and 2018 were a wibbly-wobbly mess of depression and not knowing what I should do with my life. Things rocked around and changed course a lot.

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Australia on Fire, and Divided

My response to the natural disaster happening right now.

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Games Played This Month (December 2019)

Quick reviews of some new games I tried this month: Tricky Towers, Simmiland, Concrete Jungle, and Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.

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Perth Holiday 2019

I just visited Perth for the first time last week. It was pretty great. I got to meet some of Tom’s family and friends, including their dog, Riley.

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Games Played This Month (November 2019)

Rapidfire reviews of board games and video games I’ve played this month.

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October 2019, what a month!

This month was quite an exciting one for me. With a new job, re-launch of my personal brand website, aikido achievements, and more!

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Tea With Louise: Review of Spyro Action Figure by NECA

In this video I review the Spyro action figure by NECA. Squee! This is a dream come true for 13 year old me! To the best of my knowledge, this is the first proper collectable, articulated toy of Spyro (aside from fast food toys) that isn’t a plushy.

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30 Day Geek Out Challenge – Part 3

I am taking part in Megan’s 30 Day Geek out Challenge. However, rather than post one entry per day, I’ll be answering each week’s questions in batches of five!

This post covers questions 11-15.

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Tea With Louise: Believing in Yourself

I’m pleased to introduce a new sub-section of this website, Tea With Louise! You see, I’m experimenting with a new way of blogging, and essentially keeping in touch with friends online; This will be via video and audio blogs, which will be published here, on a Facebook page and YouTube.

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A big misconception about aikido

When I first told my friends that I had taken up aikido again, the major response was more or less, “Wow, cool! You’ll be able to really hurt people.”


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