I’m Louise from Melbourne, Australia. I make digital things, practice aikido, and am interested in various geek/nerd things. Hello and welcome to my personal website.

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Blog no more

I’ve been thinking a lot about the current and future state of this website.

All I seem to do with this site is log in to update WordPress plugins every now and then. Although a minor chore, every little unnecessary cost of money or time I can remove is a good thing.

An Important Reminder: Don’t Steal!

I was going to start off by saying: I must sound like a broken record. But truth be told, I haven’t written about this for some time.

I think this is something worth mentioning every now and then. Whether you are new to creating things on the web, or have being so since you were a kid.

Things don’t change.

Daily Taiso Challenge

Hey folks. Since lockdown life has meant not moving very much + having a desk job – I’ve felt the desire to move my body around. So I’m going to give daily taiso a whirl!